Artistic Staff Coaching

A career in artistic planning can be long, exhilarating and highly creative. Or it can be short, exhausting and frustrating. Much of what you must know to be successful in this field is not taught anywhere. Artistic planning is a complex process requiring more than just knowledge of the repertoire; it also requires imagination, insight, communication, tact, patience, and perserverance. As a consultant to mentor young artistic staff, I will help them learn how to build relationships in the industry and the skills to employ them in ways which will benefit your organization, and their careers.


RM_ShellyGalleryThumbBob Moir became my boss and mentor when he took a chance on a young newcomer to the orchestra field. I have seen his keen eye for potential in staff members and conductors alike. Bob’s knowledge of the field and inner workings of orchestras give him great perspective to mentor and develop talent while supporting the infrastructure and long-term vision of the organization. I will be forever grateful to Bob for seeing the “Pops Girl” in me when I did not know it was possible.”

—Shelly Fuerte, Pops Programming Consultant


RM_KaralickThumbAs a veteran of the classical music industry, Bob Moir has a lot to offer junior artistic staff.  Working with him at the Pittsburgh Symphony has truly been a formative experience in my career. From management insights to direct industry expertise in season planning, artist relations and working with artist managers, I have learned and continue to learn from him.  Having led several projects under his supportive but empowering guidance, I think he is a natural fit for consulting. He is still the first person I call when I need sound industry advice.”

—Yonca Karakilic, Artistic Administrator