Career Counseling for Young Conductors

Conducting careers come in many shapes and sizes. A young conductor’s dreams can be difficult to achieve, and easily sidetracked by decisions made for the short term, without the bigger, long-range picture in mind. When to say yes? When (and how) to say no? What impression I am creating by the manner in which I discharge my responsibilities in this position? Will I look back twenty years from now and wonder how my life would be different if I had made different choices? As a consultant to young conductors, I can advise you on the long-term implications of the choices you must make now, and the image you create in the industry by your professional actions. I have worked with many young conductors who have all made different choices and enjoy successful and varied careers.


RM_KonigGalleryThumbI met Bob Moir for the first time when I guest conducted the Pittsburgh Symphony in 2011. Since then I had the pleasure to work with him and meet with him on an almost frequent basis. With his vast experience and insight and a large network I think he is one of the few (and last) people in the music business being able to give multi-dimensional and profound advice to young musicians and artists in order to foster their musical careers. He helped me with a very important aspect of my artistic development, and I will be eternally grateful for what he has done for me.”

Christoph König, conductor


RM_LucasGalleryThumbWhen I joined the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra as Assistant Conductor, it became immediately clear that I would be incredibly fortunate to have Bob Moir as my supervisor and mentor for the next six years. His vast knowledge of the symphonic world from both the artistic and administrative perspectives afforded me priceless advice that continues to impact my professional life today. Bob Moir is one of those rare individuals whose integrity is on the same level of his/her experience and I am forever grateful for the influence that his guidance has had upon my musical life.”

Lucas Richman, Conductor, Composer, Bangor Symphony Music Director


RM_HaimorThumbBob is one of the few in the field with extensive knowledge and experience in building up careers of young conductors.  Throughout his twenty-six years with the Pittsburgh Symphony, he’s been involved with every aspect of the music business and I’ve always found his advice to be extremely valuable.”

—Fawzi Haimor, Assistant Conductor of the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra