Music Director Search

Aa a consultant for your Music Director search, I will:

  • help you make sure the search committee is populated with the right people
  • meet with the search committee to create job description – who are we, what are we looking for?
  • with the search committee discuss and decide on the procedure for the search
  • post the job description where the best potential candidates will see it
  • recruit target candidates if requested
  • advise in the review process for applications
  • participate in preliminary skype interviews
  • advise on candidates audition programs (must make a good season for the orchestra)
  • attend all candidates’ concerts, participate in search committee interviews
  • assist in final evaluation and selection
  • advise on contract if requested
  • assist in public relations roll-out if requested


RM_FogelThumbI consider Bob Moir one of the ‘wise men’ in the orchestra field. Throughout the many years I have known him, he could always be counted on as someone who saw the breadth and depth of any issue, and who had a really smart way of dealing with it. I have no reservation at all in enthusiastically endorsing and recommending him.”

—Henry Fogel, former President of the Chicago Symphony, former President of the American Symphony Orchestra League, and current Dean of Roosevelt University College of Fine Arts


Letter from Pittsburgh Symphony Music Director Manfred Honeck  [click here to view pdf]: