Programming Seasons & Concerts

As a consultant for season programming, or interim artistic administrator, I will work with Music Director and Executive Director (and/or artistic staff) on:

  • long-range artistic strategic planning and vision
  • season themes and artistic priorities
  • artist and repertoire selection
  • commissioning new works
  • advise on contemporary composers and design composer residencies
  • talent evaluation
  • vocal casting
  • fee negotiation
  • artistic budget oversight


RM_ManfredGalleryThumb2In our work together, Bob was a strong partner who was able to creatively suggest combinations of guest artists and repertoire that aided not only me in preparing my programs, but also the many guest conductors who came to work with the Pittsburgh Symphony. Bob was also able to passionately communicate my artistic vision.”
Manfred Honeck, Music Director, Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra


RM_WoodsThumbBob Moir’s long experience with programming and artistic issues, plus his incredible depth of musical knowledge, gives him a sophisticated perspective that is very valuable for our field. We have worked together on numerous projects over the years, and I wouldn’t hesitate to work with him again.”
—Simon Woods, President and CEO, Seattle Symphony



I’m very lucky to have worked closely with Robert Moir over many seasons in Pittsburgh.  He has an undying passion for symphonic music and a true gift for inventive programming.  His Composer of the Year program is remarkable: a year-long focus on one composer that thoughtfully weaves new works throughout the entire season.  It is a model every orchestra should follow.  Additionally he has a special gift for identifying talent on the podium and for sensing how the musicians respond.  Bob’s insights are invaluable in both standard rep and new music, and in both administration and in artist booking.​”
Mason Bates, American Composer of of symphonic music and DJ of electronic dance music